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Judge Kevin Burke

Judge Burke SchenectadyIn 2013, Judge Burke was elected to serve as Schenectady County Family Court Judge. On January 1, 2014, he took office and since that time presided over hundreds of matters including custody disputes, applications of orders of protection, and child protective proceedings. In 2016, Judge Burke had the privilege to be appointed as Acting Justice of the Supreme Court, and has served in that capacity while continuing to perform his Family Court duties.

Judge Burke, a lifelong Schenectady County resident, was born and raised in the Village of Scotia to Leonard and Helen Burke who taught him the importance of public service and hard work.

Prior to serving as Judge, Kevin dedicated his life serving our community and its residents through his volunteerism, his membership on local boards and his nearly thirty years in Family Court, first practicing as an attorney, and later serving as Judge.

Kevin attended high school at Notre Dame Bishop Gibbons in Schenectady and then received his Bachelor’s degree from Boston College. While in Boston, he volunteered with inner-city programs for homeless women and families.  After graduating, he spent a year with Project Strive of Albany, working with children at risk of foster care placement. Kevin then returned to school, attending Syracuse University College of Law, and in 1993, graduated with his law degree.

Beginning in 1994, members of the legal community guided Kevin to the Schenectady County Family Court where he found what would be his home Court for the next 29 years.  Kevin commenced his practice as an attorney for children and represented persons with modest means as assigned counsel. For the next 10 years he represented children and adults in every type of action in the Family Court.  He represented children in custody disputes, as well as matters of child abuse and neglect.  Kevin also served as defense counsel for children charged with juvenile delinquency, and parents accused of abuse or neglect.  Kevin’s years as defense counsel ingrained in him a true understanding of the need for a fair process and the importance of withholding judgment until all the facts are heard.

In 2002, Kevin was hired by Schenectady County to prosecute juvenile delinquency matters for Schenectady County, and in 2004, rose to the position of First Deputy County Attorney.  In that position, he acted as chief prosecutor for Schenectady County in all abuse and neglect actions in the Schenectady County Family Court. As chief prosecutor for child protective services, Kevin coordinated with the local police agencies and the District Attorney’s Office to investigate and prosecute the most serious abuse cases.  Kevin continued to serve in this capacity until taking the bench in January of 2014.

Judge Burke and his wife Audra love hiking and biking to stay active and are the proud parents of three college-age sons.

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